»Hier gibt es keine Elefanten nur Porzellan.«


Exhibit design

Porcelain objects for the Museum Laupheim

In several redesigned rooms, the Museum Laupheim commemorates the Hollywood inventor Carl Laemmle. The exhibition deals with the emigrant and the cinema visionary as well as his relationship to his hometown Laupheim. For the newly opened permanent exhibition "Carl Laemmle - a Laupheimer in the world" Studio Laura Straßer created 4 porcelain exhibits.
Porcelain is ideal because of its material properties for the creation of exhibits. Extremely hard, easy to clean and elegant. For the permanent exhibition a film roll, cufflinks, a Tootsie roll and a stack of cloth handkerchiefs in porcelain were created.

Museum zur Geschichte von Christen und Juden
Schloss Großlaupheim

Claus-Graf-Stauffenberg-Straße 15
88471 Laupheim

Stadt Laupheim für 

Exhibition concept:
Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg

Exhibition design:
büroberlin Architekten

Edition Schloss Molsdorf

White gold for the exhibition Full House

Porcelain collection with handmade collages
40 pieces

Created for the exhibition
Molsdorf Palace
Erfurt /Germany
20.6.2015 - 20.9.2015

Edition Molsdorf is applied on the porcelain collection  "New Baroque" of Porzellan Manufaktur Reichenbach

The porcelain edition Molsdorf was created on the occasion of the exhibition FULL HOUSE at Molsdorf palace. The multi-part dinner service makes reference to the ornaments and motifs in the palace rooms and the associated self-aggrandizement of the erstwhile owner, Count Gotter.
Count Gotter was a gambler and owed a part of his fortune to the two-time winnings in his time just invented lottery. To this and other anecdotes, the edition Molsdorf refers.
The service is decorated with handmade collages, each piece is unique and its “plate story” arises at the moment of decoration.
For the Molsdorf palace banquet hall, the service was assembled in an installation. With the so called Schwarm the porcelain was pouring forth from the fireplace, however this retells the palace legend of how, once upon a time, the ceiling painting in the Molsdorf banquet hall could be lowered and used as a floating table. 

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Edition 2G13

White Gold for Bauhaus-University Weimar

For the 20 years jubilee of the faculty Gestaltung/Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, the porcelain patter 2G13 was developed. Within a Ilmgold workshop, students of the Bauhaus-University made pattern collages by hand on almost 260 porcelain pieces. Every plate is unique, every

cup is inimitable.The porcelain was sponsored by KAHLA Thüringen Porzellan. The porcelain dish ware 2G13 was used  at the evening dinner events during the jubilee festival.

Edition Solitude

White gold for Akademie Schloss Solitude

In 2013 Studio Laura Straßer developed a porcelain collage pattern exclusively made for Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart/Germany. By using sceneries and scans and pictures of local fauna and flora, the

pattern became a particular and willful porcelain decoration. Each pattern is a hand-made collage - so every plate is unique, every cup is inimitable.


Porcelain made in Germany

Since 2009, the river Ilm regularly washes up pieces of gold to its Weimar shores. During the recent cooking event delikatESSEN, Laura Straßer and Kai Meining discovered that a nicely set table is unthinkable without tasteful dinnerware. They promptly organized a widely acclaimed workshop to decorate countless plates and dishes that were later auctioned for a good cause. Demand for unique tableware persisted and thus the idea of a permanent collection distributed

through an online shop was born: Ilmgold.
Since then the team works on novel decors to shake up the white pabulum of tableware! The modern porcelain shapes of Thuringian manufacturer Kahla provide the surface for Ilmgold’s innovative pattern. The collection Made in Germany is thus crafted of only the best regional materials to satisfy the eye.

Edition Omarillio

In 2009 Studio Laura Straßer developed a porcelain collage pattern exclusively made for the dinner event deilkatESSEN. With the support of students of the Bauhaus-University, 160 porcelain pieces became their new unique pattern. The collages were applied by hand - so every

plate is unique, every cup is inimitable. The porcelain dish ware delikatESSEN was used at the evening dinner event by Swiss star chef Victor Imfeld, accompanied by an audio-visual performance by YouAreWatchingUs.


frenchknicker was established in 2006 by Millia Seyppel and Laura Straßer. Since that time the two designers are developing products under this alias. frenchknicker generated numerous items of  irony and playful simplicity with heart and history.

frenchknicker co-operates with different companies where the products can be purchased.


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