»Hier gibt es keine Elefanten nur Porzellan.«


Adam's apple

The slightly out-size breast – here in porcelain as a “Brustbaumkugel” – can indeed be startling and will surely not be found acceptable by everyone. I myself see it not so much as “pre-emptive obedience” but more as a homage to womanhood. Of course it recalls the story of original sin, although with a certain irony: Eve offers Adam the apple and tempts him to violate God’s strict prohibition to eat of the tree of temptation … which violation results, as we all know, in them being banished from the Garden of Paradise. It is anyone’s guess whether Eve’s female charms also seduced Adam to take that courageous step – yet the Christmas tree decorated with red balls, i.e., red apples, can certainly keep abreast, so to speak, of the tree of temptation. Given the fact that scantily dressed or indeed even naked breasts jump out as us from every second ad these days, this Christmas Tree Breast seems more than logical to me. Is nothing sacred any more? Or isn’t the female, motherly, breast sacred after all?

Probably not: After the first generation of Christmas tree breasts, which are produced by a traditional german porcelain manufacturer, the Chinese manufacturers commissioned to do series production of the second generation seemed slightly irritated by my plastic model. Once price and quantity had been discussed, they almost seemed insulted: They could actually produce perfect white porcelain balls with no “pegs” or anything like that, so that the balls could be held better when glazing. The Chinese modellers had not recognised the breast for what it was. It is not clear whether this was because of the size, or rather because of the impious experiment itself. This is something that cannot be clarified in retrospect – too great was the embarrassed shock after the “breast” had been explained to them.

Adam's apple was developed in collaboration with Benedikt Braun
Available on Ilmgold

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