»Hier gibt es keine Elefanten nur Porzellan.«



Fan Set for Connoisseurs

Walter Gropius (1883 Berlin – 1969 Boston) is revered as a famous modernist architect and founder of the State Bauhaus School. He used also be regarded as “a man of the world and of the great gesture”, to quote Oskar Schlemmer. In scarcely a single photograph is he to be seen without his bow tie and cigar. These two “attributes” are contained in the Fan Set which, designed on the 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus as a belated, but very personal gift for propellable Gropi. The bow tie and cigar have been formed and preserved here in elegant porcelain. In keeping with the current prohibition against smoking in

the public domain, however, the Set providently contains an ashtray, the size of which enables it to be quickly concealed, as the case may be, in a trousers’ pocket, for example. Its shape contains a reference to the sugar bowl in the service Gropius designed for the Rosenthal company in 1968, shortly before he died.
The Gropi-Gropi Fan Set – for connoisseurs, but not just for MEN of the world

Silke Opitz (art historian and curator) 

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