»Hier gibt es keine Elefanten nur Porzellan.«


Service Blanche

The clear form of Asiatic porcelain inspired the shaping and design of the four-part service. The angular contoured line of the outer form subdivides the outer skin in three steps, of which the first two meet in all four parts at the same height of the edge. The edge of the second step subdivides the porcelain further into two haptically and optically different zones. Underneath this line are unglazed and polished

pieces; above the line the porcelain is glazed. The glazed section is that which comes in contact with foodstuffs; the unglazed area is where the porcelain is held and raised up.

Porcelain is a very sensual material. This feature can be accentuated and emphasised in the shape by the two different surfaces.

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